EADP students participate in full-scale disaster drill

Last May, students from the EADP program participated in the City of Denton Disaster Drill at the Landfill off of Mayhill Road. This year’s event was named “Operation Rolling Thunder” and involved a tornado that resulted in a mass casualty evet. We had approximately 50 UNT students volunteer to be disaster victims. We are grateful to Mike Penaluna the City of Denton Emergency Management for providing this great opportunity for our students!

City of Denton Disaster Drill: A Student’s Experience
“In the International Association of Emergency Managers Student Council (IAEM-SC) meeting, I got invited to participate in this year’s Denton full-scale disaster drill in May. The full-scale drill gave me the opportunity to witness first responders in action. I played a victim in a tornado disaster, where I pretended to have my stomach impaled by debris. While playing victim, I was given the opportunity to watch first-hand the challenges of firefighters and paramedics face when responding to a disaster with mass casualties. The first responders used their training to begin sorting out levels of triaging. After being quickly assessed by a paramedic, I was taken by the city of Flower Mound’s Ambus/ Multi-Patient Vehicle (MPV) to Texas Health Presbyterian of Denton. The drill was treated like a true disaster, which made the drill a great learning experience. It was a great experience to participate in a full scale drill and learn more about the operations during disaster response in emergencies. I encourage all EADP students to join IAEM-SC and participate in disaster drills around the area.”

—Samantha Pickett, EADP Major and IAEM-SC Liaison Officer

Originally published in the fall 2016 issue of The Mitigator, the EMDS department newsletter.