Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS)

Applied Arts & Sciences

The Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) is a unique degree program by which students build on a multidisciplinary foundation to support career flexibility.  May be of particular interest to:  students transferring from community college; veterans eligible for credit for specialized military training; students from technical institutions with occupationally-specific credits; and, non-traditional students who want to complete a previously interrupted degree.  Highly individualized, the BAAS degree is designed to give students an opportunity to design a degree that meets their specific career goals.

Program Requirements 2016-2017
Four-Year Plan 2016-2017 - Coming soon!
Planning Sheet 2016-2017
Planning Sheet 2016-2017: Aviation Operations Specialization
Planning Sheet 2016-2017: Logistical Operations Specialization
UNT Catalog 2016-2017