Speech-Language Pathology (MS)

The Master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology (MS-SLP) provides an academic and clinical professional education for students whose career goal is to serve children and adults with disorders of communication and related difficulties. The MS-SLP degree at UNT prepares graduate students to be professionally competent clinicians working in educational and medical settings.  The program provides course instruction and clinical practicum experience that will enable students to satisfy the educational and clinical requirements for national professional certification and state licensure in speech-language pathology.   

Two options are available:

  • 39 semester hours of coursework, or
  • 33 semester hours of coursework plus 6 semester hours of thesis credit.

In addition to the coursework, students are also mandated to register for clinical practicum to earn the minimum of 25 observation hours and 375 clock hours of supervised practicum required for state licensure and ASHA’s Certificate of Clinical Competence.  Students on the non-thesis track will be required to take and pass a written comprehensive examination in the major area of study.  Students on the thesis track will be examined by the thesis committee on the thesis topic. 

Degree details
UNT Catalog 2017-2018