Hungry for Change explores the new face of hunger

Unveiled during UNT’s First Flight Week, the PACS freshman first year experience Hungry for Change focuses on the new face of hunger.

Food driveFood Drive Competition
As part of the initiative, the college hosted a food drive competition during the month of October. Students, faculty and staff from each of PACS’ academic departments competed against each other to help stock the UNT Food Pantry. The college-wide goal was to collect 500 items for donation, and 1,409 total items were collected.

The winning department was Emergency Management and Disaster Science, which collected 339 items in a department with 205 students. That’s an average of 1.65 items per student donated.

Interactive Dinner
Food for Thought is an interactive dinner that will be held November 14 at the University Union. Students will gain perspective on contemporary hunger issues.

Community Garden
PACS freshmen can help grow Plot 52 of Shiloh Fields Community Garden, the largest community garden in the county where last year volunteers harvested 24,000 pounds of produce to donate to local nonprofits like Our Daily Bread soup kitchen, the crisis center at Friends of the Family and Fred Moore Child Care Center.

Little Food Pantries
Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a Day of Service building Little Food Pantries. These hyper-local pantries are based on the Tiny Libraries model and provide a convenient way to donate food and supplies to those in need. Anyone can place items inside the pantry, and anyone can take what they need at any time. Read more in the NT Daily about the Little Free Pantry in Denton.

Learn more about Hungry for Change.