What can I do with an HPS degree?

Applied Arts & Sciences
Students who have graduated with a bachelor’s of Applied Arts and Sciences have often been employed in the areas of; deputy police officers, development officers, elected officials, high school teachers, recreation managers, sales professionals and technical consultants.

Behavior Analysis
Those who have a degree in Behavior Analysis tend to seek rewarding careers involving childhood intervention/ autism, developmental and behavioral disabilities; as well as, animal behavior and organizational behavior management.

Criminal Justice
Undergraduates of Criminal Justice often seek satisfying careers concerning; public sector law enforcement, corrections, court-related employment, private sector loss prevention, and investigative work.

Disability & Addiction Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation counseling is one of the largest professional specialties serving people with disabilities. Individuals working in this profession are employed in such settings as state and private rehabilitation agencies, community rehabilitation programs, supported employment programs, pre- and post-secondary schools, medical and psychiatric hospitals, correctional facilities, the veteran’s administration, community job sites, alcohol and drug treatment centers, community mental health centers, governmental agencies, rehabilitation programs in business and industry, and independent practice.

Emergency Administration & Planning
Emergency Administration and Planning has evolved into an important and well recognized profession. There are many hazards that call for emergency managers; such as, hurricanes, flooding, wildfire, and terrorism. Undergraduates will find job opportunities with in local fire departments, state offices of emergency management and FEMA. In the past hospitals, banks, insurance companies, retailers and transportation have hired graduates to support their business continuity programs. Many also seek careers in the non-profit sector, and will find opportunities with organizations such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Social Work
As a graduate of social work, there are several different job options to consider. A few are; child welfare and family service agencies, community mental health or substance abuse treatment centers, nonprofit, government or private human service programs, retirement centers, nursing homes or other aging programs for older people and their families, and school or community programs to meet the needs of children. These are just a few among many possibilities.

Speech & Language Pathology/Audiology
A bachelor’s degree in speech and hearing sciences is a pre-professional degree for someone wishing to pursue a master’s degree in speech language pathology or a clinical doctorate in audiology. For a full list of careers for professionals with a master’s degree please visit this site: http://www.asha.org/careers/

Get Started Now

Academics are the main focus of attending college, but many students will still also spend their years at UNT in part-time employment. The reasons for working will vary from student from tuition support to earning some extra spending money. No matter your reason for working while in school, benefits exist beyond the paycheck.

Classroom learning is important, but preparing for workplace and office culture are not always taught in lectures and books. Students gain firsthand experience while working during their college career, which can help build your professional skills and resume.  If you are looking to begin building your network, gain basic skills and experience visit the UNT Career Center to get started.