New Peace Corps Prep Certificate offered by UNT

The University of North Texas and the U.S. Peace Corps have entered into a formal partnership to better prepare UNT students for global careers and for service as Corps volunteers. UNT has gone one step further by developing a new Peace Corps Prep Certificate.

“Students today have a passion for service and are interested in not just imagining a better world, but rolling up their sleeves and doing something about it,” Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet said. “Through the Peace Corps Prep program, University of North Texas students can develop skills specifically targeted to Peace Corps service and careers in the international development and service communities.”

The certificate is open to all undergraduate majors at UNT and will be administered through the Colleges and Schools in collaboration with UNT International, the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Student Advising, Career Center and Center for Leadership and Service.

“UNT’s Peace Corps Prep Certificate provides UNT students with a portfolio of global skills to help them excel in today’s workforce. UNT undergraduates choose from globally focused coursework and participate in professional and leadership development opportunities, like study abroad or internationally focused internships,” said Amy Shenberger, interim vice provost for International Affairs and director of Study Abroad.

This new certificate offers UNT students unique benefits including degree specialization, professional development, global training and experience, intercultural competence, global knowledge and leadership skills.

“The UNT Peace Corps Prep certificate will aid UNT in promoting global leadership education by providing opportunities for students to enhance their academic training, demonstrate extra-curricular engagement and leadership, and acquire critical language and inter-cultural skills needed for the global workforce,” said Julie Kirkland, assistant dean for Student Success in the College of Arts and Sciences.

UNT’s Peace Corps Prep Certificate is an 18 credit hour certificate. The certificate includes coursework related to the student’s major as well as courses related to intercultural competence. Students also participate in training and experience outside of the classroom. For more information, visit

By Tanya O'Neil, News Promotions