Sharma to study military mental health in India

SharmaRachita Sharma, CRC, LPC, Ph.D.-candidate, clinical instructor and internship coordinator for programs in rehabilitation, and Ateka Contractor, assistant professor of psychology, were awarded an India Venture Fund award from UNT International to study military mental health in India.

“The Indian culture has some distinct social characteristics and values that can influence the nature, severity, expression and treatment of …mental health problems following traumatic experiences,” stated Sharma and Contractor in their proposal. “The purpose of our research is to conduct research in the area of military mental health in India. Data will be collected on trauma, resilience, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and overall distress among military personnel in India to identify areas of intervention within this population.”

Sharma and Contractor will collaborate with Dr. Samir Rawat, an Indian psychologist who routinely works with military personnel in his practice.