Undergrads can apply now for $500 research fellowships

PACS undergraduates who plan to graduate in May 2018 or later can apply now for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship, a mentor-based research experience. 

Have you ever wished to conduct guided research in your field of study, gaining invaluable experience, unique credentials, and a faculty champion?

A beyond-the-classroom, professor-guided research project is a transformative experience that:

  • immerses you in vital inquiry within your field of study;
  • places you in scholarly dialogue with others who conduct research in your discipline;
  • familiarizes you with your professor’s methodology;
  • often leads to original findings that may result in co-authored journal publication (you then have a “Publications” section for your vita, signifying contributions to your field of study);
  • encourages both individual initiative and group interaction (leading, by the way, to enlarged circles of enduring friendship);
  • leaves your research mentor positioned to write comprehensive letters of recommendation to help you with job placement or graduate-school admissions;
  • prepares you to apply for nationally competitive scholarships, since those increasingly privilege productive undergraduate research or highly creative performance;
  • enhances the prospect of your being admitted to graduate school, with graduate fellowship support. Stated otherwise, you want graduate programs not merely to admit you, but to welcome you with significant funding that liberates time for further research and achievement.  

Visit the UNT Undergraduate Research Fellowship website to learn how you can apply this spring (by March 31, 2017) to earn a 2017-2018 Undergraduate Research Fellowship Placement.