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Disaster PRIMR 2022: Collaborating for Change @ The University of North Texas

University Engagement in Disaster Preparedness, Response, Innovation, Mitigation and Recovery

To be Held:
University of North Texas
Gateway Center
801 North Texas Boulevard
Denton Texas, 76201
March 6-8, 2022

About the Conference

Catastrophic disasters are on the rise across the globe. In their wakes these events leave devastating paths of damage and destruction, staggering financial costs, widespread societal disruption, and tragic human suffering. In recent years, the State of Texas has been impacted by a worldwide pandemic, a massive winter storm, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, droughts, induced earthquakes, offshore oil spills, and chemical explosions. Of course, Texas is not alone, and other states in the region have been similarly impacted. As a result, many public, private, governmental, and  non-governmental organizations have developed an extensive body of knowledge and experience on preparedness for, mitigation of, response to, and recovery from these sorts of disasters caused by a combination of natural phenomena and human actions. 

The University of North Texas (UNT) and conference partners thus invite emergency management practitioners, allied professionals, researchers, educators, students, and community leaders to share their disaster best practices, lessons learned (or yet to be learned), and insights from all dimensions of disaster readiness at the 2nd annual Disaster PRIMR conference. The major goal of this conference is to foster collaboration for change among organizations across all sectors, innovating the ways we manage disaster events and strengthening our collective capacity to Prepare, Respond, Innovate, Mitigate, and Recover (PRIMR).