Nonprofit Leadership Studies Courses

Nonprofit Studies courses are offered in a variety of formats.  Depending on the course, you can take classes online, face-to-face, or in a blended format.  In blended courses, part of the class meets face-to-face, while the remainder of the material is covered online. The ratio of online coursework versus face-to-face instruction may vary by class.

Course Title Typically Offered
PADM 3010 Foundations of Philanthropy & Nonprofits Fall & Spring
PADM 3020  Public Management  Spring
PADM 4050 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Fall & Spring
PADM 4200 Leadership Theory & Practice for Volunteer Managers Fall
PADM 4210 Introduction to Philanthropy & Fundraising Fall
PADM 4220 Proposal Writing & Grants Administration Spring
PADM 4240 Volunteer Management Concepts & Applications Fall
PADM 4250
Community Development and Collaborative Planning
PADM 4260 Volunteer Program Planning & Evaluation Spring
PADM 4300* Nonprofit Leadership Capstone Spring
PADM 4310* Community Service Internship Spring

*These classes should be completed in the final semester of your degree plan.