Study Abroad with Criminal Justice

The department of criminal justice is pleased to be able to offer you a broad range of study abroad opportunities. Whether you are an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or taking a certificate, we have a number of study abroad experiences awaiting you.

We currently offer four short-term International Field Trips (IFT) led by faculty: November for 9 days, January for 7 days, March for 9 days and May for 11 days. Most of our faculty-led courses are available to students from any discipline but all have a strong criminal justice theme.

The November course is held in the medieval city of Rennes, France. This course will take you to criminal justice lectures and social events with students from three local universities and you will spend one day in a high school sharing your knowledge of contemporary USA issues with students currently applying to universities. This course is exclusively available to undergraduate students.

The January IFT is to London, England. This course is exclusively available to MSCJ students. The theme of the course is an intensive investigation of the UK legal system. Students will participate in lectures given by local legal experts as well as lectures and crime walks by Professor Peter Johnstone (UNT and London native). Course participants will also have the opportunity to dine at Middle Temple, one of the four ancient Inns of Court.

The March IFT is to Paris and London. Students will start the course in Paris and after five days transfer to London via the Eurostar. In Paris students will attend lectures at Paris V university and have the chance to participate in the annual International Symposium on the History of Crime. In London students will receive guided tours of famous crime scenes related to the theme of sanctuary and immunity and attend lectures presented by faculty at the University of West London. This course is open to graduate and undergraduate students.

The May IFT is to Barcelona, Spain and Braga, Portugal. This course is open to graduate and undergraduate students. The course will start in Barcelona where students will participate in lectures and criminal justice agency visits provided by the Universitat Autòma de Barcelona. After five-days in Spain the course will transfer to the ancient city of Braga, Portugal where students will receive lectures and site visits related to the criminal justice system of Portugal.

All courses are designed to allow participants the opportunity to explore the cities visited and there will be at least one full-day of sightseeing at each location.

For more information about any of our International Field Trip opportunities please contact Professor Peter Johnstone or Dr. Jessica Craig in the Department of Criminal Justice, Chilton Hall.


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