Courses for Family Mediation Certificate

A Family Mediation Certificate is awarded to students who complete PADM 4000 Mediation, PADM 4060 Mediation Practicum and PADM 4010 Family Mediation. The PADM 4010 course addresses the advanced skills associated with mediating in family, divorce and child-custody disputes, with additional focus on family violence issues.

The Family Mediation Certificate serves as evidence that the student has completed the additional training contemplated by Texas law for court appointment as a mediator of disputes relating to the parent-child relationship.

It is important to note that most successful professional mediators also have training in other areas such as law, accounting, finance, real estate, construction, psychology, or counseling. However, the skills acquired in these certificate programs are great preparation for any number of careers.

Required Courses

The following courses are required for the Mediation Certificate:

Number Course Name Hours
PADM 4000 Mediation 3
PADM 4010 Family Mediation  
PADM 4060 Practicum in Mediation and Dispute Resolution 3

Elective Courses

Students may choose one of the following courses as an elective for the Mediation Certificate:

Number Course Name Hours
PADM 4020 Dispute Resolution in the Workplace 3
PADM 4030 Dispute Resolution in a Global Workplace 3
PADM 4040 Crisis Intervention 3
PADM 4070 Arbitration Basics 3
PADM 4610 Topics in Community Service  

After completing the necessary coursework, students must apply here to receive their Family Mediation Certificate.  


Help resolve family conflict through mediation.

Increasingly, the court system recognizes that divorce and child custody disputes are best resolved by parents with the assistance of qualified mediators. Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practices continue to grow in the U.S. and throughout much of the world as preferred alternatives to litigation and violence.

A family mediator serves as a neutral third party to help participants explore and find mutually acceptable solutions. Our non-academic Family Mediation Certificate of Completion documents that you are both knowledgeable and practiced in the subject of mediation.

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