First Flight 2020

First Flight Week (Aug. 16-23)!

First Flight is UNT's official welcome week program. This week is designed to help new students begin their college experience on the right foot. From programs that prepare you for the upcoming educational opportunities to programs where you get to let loose and meet fellow peers, there is something for everyone!

All new freshman students are required to participate in First Flight Week. Click here for more information on UNT First Flight Week.

College Day – Aug. 19

Description: How I see myself as part of the HPS family

The University of North Texas College of Health and Public Service is asking all new students to submit a photo that illustrates why you chose your major. This photo can be one that you took yourself or one that you find that represents something about why you’re interested in pursuing your major. We would like you to caption the photo with why you chose your specific major, and how you hope to use your degree to make a difference in the world.


  1. Post your photo on any or all of the following social media outlets BEFORE NOON on Aug. 19: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  2. Use the following two hashtags on your posts: #HPSFamily and #HPS2024
  3. Include one the following hashtags depending on the department your degree is in:
    • Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology: #UNTASLP
    • Behavior Analysis: #UNTBA
    • Criminal Justice: #UNTCJ
    • Emergency Management & Disaster Science: #UNTEMDS
    • Public Administration: #UNTPADM
    • Rehabilitation & Health Services: #UNTRHS
    • Social Work: #UNTSW
  4. In any of the social media channels, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, search for the hashtag #HPS2024 and like and comment on the self-portraits of at least five classmates. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - @UNTHPS.
  5. Answer the College Day question in Canvas on Aug. 19 to receive credit for this First Flight College Day activity.