Irine Abraham, MTS, LMSW


Irine Abraham, MTS, LMSW is a full time Lecturer at the University of North Texas.  Irine has served as a Medical Social Worker for the past 13 years in the fields of hospice, home health, dialysis, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and health insurance.  Irine earned her Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Studies and her Bachelor of Social Work from the University of North Texas.  She received her Master of Social Work from Baylor University.  Irine successfully completed the Gerontological Specialization Initiative through the John A. Hartford Foundation and The Social Work Leadership Institute of the New York Academy of Medicine.  She holds a Master of Theological Studies from the University of Dallas, where Irine teaches part-time as Adjunct Faculty in the School of Ministry.  Irine's teaching and research interests include social justice issues, gerontology, human behavior, and spirituality.

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