EMDS Alumni Spotlight: Seana Epley ('17)


This Alumni Spotlight on Seana Epley ('17) first appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of The Mitigator, the EMDS department newsletter.

This year, we asked 2017 John Maxwell Award Winner Seana Epley to update us on what she is up to following her graduation from the EADP program last year. Seana writes:

"When I left the military I knew I wanted to continue being of service to my community but struggled to figure out exactly how I could. While finishing up my Associate’s degree I tried several things, but nothing felt right. Then one day, the random thought of “I wonder what degree you need to work at FEMA” crossed my mind.

"A couple of searches later and I ended up at the University of North Texas’ EADP webpage, the FIRST Emergency Management degree in the US. I can’t remember now exactly what the site said, but I know I was inspired. I scrambled to apply, finish classes, find somewhere to live, and ultimately move before the next semester started. In the end I made it in time and started at UNT in Spring 2016.

"Throughout my –surprisingly short- time in the EADP program the inspiration I felt from the beginning was continually renewed and deepened. From Introduction with Dr. Schumann, to EOC Design with Dr. Timmons, and finally Capstone with Dr. Webb (and every class in between) I could not have asked for a better or more well-rounded faculty and curriculum.

"I was also impressed by our IAEM Student Chapter and the efforts of the student leaders and faculty to involve and connect students to the world of EM. All of my experiences at UNT gave me the confidence to accept an amazing opportunity at Team Rubicon in their Planning Section.

"Now I get to use skills I learned in my EADP classes and connections I made through my member-ship with IAEM-SC to help disaster affected populations every day at TR."