Feeding clinic at UNT is about more than picky eaters

The clinic helps children struggling with eating, swallowing and other food-related problems.

DENTON (UNT), Texas – The University of North Texas College of Health and Public Service’s Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (ASLP) is now providing services to children of all ages with feeding and eating challenges. The UNT Feeding Clinic is currently serving children who not only have eating problems, but have associated medical needs.

“There are parents who are desperately pursuing services for their children based on a variety of difficulties,” said Dr. Theresa Kouri, director of the UNT Speech and Language Clinic. “It’s important to address feeding or eating issues early to guarantee adequate nutrition and hydration to support a child’s physical, mental and emotional development.”

In the clinic, Dr. Kouri and her clinicians work with children who experience any of the following issues while eating: breathing difficulties, coughing or choking, crying, difficulty chewing, vomiting, gagging or refusing to eat certain types of foods. Services are available two days per week on Monday and Wednesday mornings, during which time speech, language and communication skills are also facilitated.

The hourly feeding clinic cost is $55, but scholarships are available to families who need assistance.

“We have a variety of grants that can be used to lower the financial burden on parents,” Dr. Kouri said. “The generosity of the Dallas Scottish Rite Foundation and the George McQueen Foundation make the feeding clinic and other UNT speech and hearing services a viable option for those families who cannot afford our full clinical fees.”

Dr. Kouri plans to work with area pediatricians to provide services that supplement the ways they’re treating children.

“Our UNT Feeding Clinic provides innovative and much needed services for Denton residents,” said Dr. Neale Chumbler, dean of the college. “I commend Dr. Kouri for her ingenuity and creativity in cultivating this important program.”

For more information on the UNT Feeding Clinic, contact Dr. Kouri at theresa.kouri@unt.edu or (940) 565-2262.