Jang presents at University of Utah’s Asia Center

This fall, Hee Soun Jang, Ph.D., associate professor and assistant department chair of HPS’ Public Administration department, gave an invited lecture at Asia Center, a Title VI National Resource Center for Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Utah.

Jang’s lecture, “The Government-driven Civil Society in South Korea,” offered an understanding about Asia’s recent efforts to grow the third sector and engage nonprofit organizations in social service provision, with a focus on South Korea.

Prior to joining the University of North Texas, Jang was an assistant professor at the Division of Politics, Administration, and Justice at California State University Fullerton for four years. She teaches courses on nonprofit management, public and nonprofit partnerships, public administration seminar, leadership and organization in public administration, and personnel management in the public sector. Her research explores nonprofit and government partnerships, local government management and policy choices, and the nonprofit sector in South Korea and the role of government in civil society initiatives in Korea. Her research has been published in scholarly journals, including Public Administration ReviewAdministration and SocietyThe American Review of Public Administration, International Review of Administrative Sciences, and Journal of Policy Development and Research. Dr. Jang was a recipient of the Best Poster Research Award at the ARNOVA conference (the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action) in 2016 and received the Emerging Scholar Award from ARNOVA in 2005. She received the DeVoe Moore Fellowship from Florida State University.