Student interns attend local emergency preparedness meeting


Pictured left to right are interns past and present for the City of Denton Office of Emergency Management: Luc Tran, ('17) Julie Hagen ('16), Michael Penaluna (City of Denton EMC, '88), and Samantha Pickett. ('16).

Throughout the years, many of our EADP Alumni have provided quality internship experiences to our EADP majors. These internships provide wonderful opportunities for our students to apply what they have learned in the classroom in a real world setting. One such in-ternship is that offered by Mike Penaluna at the City of Denton. Each year, he and his office provide internships for EADP majors that pro-vide them experiences such as helping develop the annual large-scale exercise, updating EOPs, and writing other planning documents.

Three past and present EADP interns were in attendance for the March meeting of the Denton Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee (DEPAC) held at the UNT Emergency Operations Center on March 22, 2017. EMC Michael Penaluna recognized the students for their many contributions to the City of Denton Office of Emergency Management (OEM).

Projects included developing and/or updat-ing a Chemical Risk Analysis, Special Populations Guidebook, Re-source Manual, EOC Guidebook, and assisting with meetings, train-ing, drills, exercises, and public education programs.

Penaluna stated, “I have had the great opportunity to work with many students through the EADP program. They have been bright, professional, and knowl-edgeable. I simply could not do all of my required activities without their help. Keep up the great work!”