Students share experiences of EMDS summer internships

From Washington State, to Washington D.C., and half a world away to New Zealand, EADP students returned from several exciting internships this summer, as highlighted in recent course presentations. At the September 29, 2017 internship class, seven students recounted their fieldwork experiences. Several of the presenters acknowledged the value and pertinence of the classroom experiences they gained at UNT, when they had to “do it for real.”

Chelsea Hearron reported on her time with the Seattle, Washington Office of Emergency Management. She was engaged in a wide variety of planning and public outreach initiatives. Chelsea will return to the Northwest to start her emergency management career.

Daniel Ringhauser injected humor with insights about his time at the Irving Police Department’s Office of Emergency Management. With all the superlatives about Irving’s business and community features, Daniel observed with amazement, “The next time something bad happens, the mayor might be using a plan written by a twenty year old!”

Felicia Chavez accomplished important preparedness work at Baylor Scott & White Hospitals in Frisco, perfectly matching her military medical experience with course curricula. Felicia was involved when the hospital experienced an extensive patient evacuation due to power outage.

Deea Scully gave an enthusiastic presentation on her various accomplishments at the City of Fort Worth Emergency Manage-ment Office. Deea was there to see an activation of the EOC and experience all of the reactions to recent incidents.

Carlos Salinas reported on his special projects and experiences with the city of Coppell, at their new EOC. Carlos has been invit-ed to continue in his paid internship role at Coppell, beyond the required 240 hours.

And for something completely different, but very much on-target with the niche some of our students are preparing for, Kevin Johnson briefed the group on his service in business continuity at PlainsCapital Bank. Like his peers in the public sector, Kevin highlighted the importance of cultivating awareness and persisting past mainstream denial of what can go wrong.

Roni Fraser concluded the set of presentations with a few of the highlights from her summer in Washington DC, serving in a coveted emergency management internship at the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Roni gained first-hand knowledge of protection of critical national infrastructure and dignitary protection, along with seizing every imaginable oppor-tunity in the region.

The October round of presentations included: Dirk Bitner (Dallas County), Rebekah Johnson (Baylor Scott & White), Dillon Verzinski (Salvation Army), Sean O’Donnell (Grace Bridge Disaster Relief), Joey Tomeny (City Year-AmeriCorps) and Robyn Warren (UNT Emergency Management and Safety Services).

This story first appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of The Mitigator, the EMDS department newsletter.