Video: Ingman represents UNT’s Future Without Poverty at world summit in Costa Rica

Members of the UNT branch of Future Without Poverty (FWOP) learned about sustainable tourism and its relevant effects on poverty last October at the FWOP World Summit. FWOP aims to reduce poverty and supports community sustainability through Education, Enterprise, Environment, and Empowerment.

Watch this video about the summit and find other videos on FWOP’s YouTube Channel.

Stan Ingman Ph.D., professor of health services in HPS’ Rehabilitation and Health Services department, original cofounder of FWOP and faculty advisor for UNT’s chapter of FWOP, accompanied other faculty and staff to the summit in Costa Rica.

“We’re working to expand our and others’ capacity to meet the challenge of poverty across the globe.” said Ingman. “FWOP and MIST are developing partnerships with other UNT units, including the College of Engineering and HPS’ Rehabilitation and Health Services and Public Administration departments, to expand UNT’s presence in cities across America, Costa Rica and beyond.”

FWOP is working to expand the organization’s domestic and international impact through several projects:

  • AWOW and the Lewisville, Texas Rotary Morning Club, with support from FWOP and Southwest Airlines, held a pre-summit dental outreach project in Barrio in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • As a result of the summit, FWOP established a Technology Training Center in the Sustainable House on the grounds of The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE). A small air monitoring device developed by UNT researchers will be on display in the Technology Training Center.
  • FWOP made a plan to secure funding for expanding the existing rural sustainable tourism network that consists now of four communities. Field schools from various universities and high schools will visit CATIE to reinforce the initial steps made to reduce poverty and expand sustainable business development.
  • BUY ART FIGHT POVERTY will assist artists and raise funds to expand initiatives related to solar lamps for education, clean stoves to reduce pollution and clean water across the globe. The artist and FWOP receive a portion of the proceeds of each artwork purchased and downloaded from the site.
  • Veterans are being employed in Nashville and St. Louis through upcycling of Southwest Airlines’ aircraft seat leather into assisted living facility activities.

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