HPS Engagement supports experiential learning opportunities to harness the power of UNT students and faculty to meet our communities’ needs.

Each partnership is unique and individual, but we often categorize partnerships on a scale of complexity and level of expertise required.

1.0 Experiences:

  • Simple, low impact activities that require little specialized knowledge, training or resources
  • Example: One-day service opportunity for students
  • Example: Community partners presenting to student groups or classes

2.0 Experiences:

  • Mid-level impact activities that are more than a one-day event, require some specialized knowledge, training and resources (e.g. background checks)
  • Example: Course projects like Emergency Management and Disaster Science students developing an emergency operations plan for our local nonprofits
  • Example: Research projects like students assessing neighborhood blight and providing that information to the City of Denton for data based decision making
  • Example: UNT Serves students implementing a food drive

3.0 Experiences:

  • High impact activities that require specialized knowledge, significant training and oversight by both faculty and community partner and resources
  • Example: Community partner serves as an internship or practicum site​

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42,000 hours

Throughout Academic year 2015-16, Disability & Addictions Rehabilitationstudents contributed 20,400 graduate level internship hours and 19,800 undergraduate practicum hours locally. 


26 Students

As part of the Social Work Practice I course, 26 students partnered with local nonprofit Our Daily Bread to conduct intake assessments and vulnerability index forms to determine service provision. Collected data will aid the local nonprofit in program and grant development.


10 Little Free Pantries

During the Spring 2017 semester, 10 Little Free Pantries will be built and installed around the city of Denton.


100 People Swabbed

Through a student-run bone marrow donor drive, 100 people were registered and swabbed for the National Bone Marrow Registry in collaboration with Hallie’s Heroes and DKMS.


500 Hours

The UNT Serves living learning community students donated 500 hours of service during Fall 2016.


1,409 Food Items

During the month of October, HPS students, faculty and staff collected 1,409 food items to benefit the UNT Food Pantry..