of HPS tenure or tenure track faculty conduct community engaged research
Community engaged research is an approach to research that involves building authentic partnerships between researchers and community organizations with the goal of contributing to the discipline, and also strengthening the well-being of the community.

Engaged Research Products

 Journal Article 34%
 Presentation 29%
 Technical Report 12%
 Research Associate 10%
 Grant 8%
 Juried Conference Paper 5%
 Thesis/Dissertation 3%
 Book 1%

'Exercise Plays Vital Role Maintaining Br by A Health Blog, on Flickr
Behavioral Health
‘Ride 2 Recovery’ by The U.S. Army, on Flickr
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Speech and Hearing
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Criminal Justice
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Disaster Science
Arkansas River Meanders (NASA, Internati by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, on Flickr
Public Affairs
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Substance Misuse