We the People… of the College of HPS

If you’ve ever visited my office, you may have noticed that I display the Constitution of the United States of America on my wall. Even if you haven’t stopped by, you may now be wondering, “Why the US Constitution? What’s its significance to Dean Chumbler?” Whatever your belief system or political thoughts on the document, it holds true that its framers were courageous, gutsy and pioneering for their time. They worked painstakingly to draft a document that led to progress and was created so that it could be amended as the nation evolved. As we embark on strategic planning as a college, I see an opportunity to think like those authors – bold, innovative and with a grand vision of transformation.

As I mentioned in my last blog, the leadership team was honored to sit down with Dr. Daniel J. Pesut, Professor of the Nursing Population Health and Systems Cooperative Unit, Director of the Katharine Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership at the University of Minnesota and proven strategic planning expert on September 6 to explore our culture and help us shape our vision. I’m excited to announce that we will be bringing the entire faculty and staff into the conversation during a two-day workshop November 29-30 so we can integrate their invaluable input into the mix.

My aim is for us to build on this college’s reputation and people to create an organization that is full of inspired, empowered, progressive ambassadors energized by a common vision. So how does the US Constitution fit into this? Let’s look back at why it was created – it was drafted to bring together a group of states that each operated like independent countries. It established guidelines to make the country stronger. And, it guaranteed basic individual rights to all parties. It also basically defines what their idea was of a good citizen – and how that person treats those around them.

At HPS, we have all chosen a calling that involves not only being a good citizen, but helping others. Our strategic plan will be like a constitution in that it unites us through our shared vision and goals, it outlines what being a “good citizen” of HPS means and it arms us with the tools we need to transform what’s already a good college into one with structure, that’s set up for success and that will build the healthcare workers and public servants of tomorrow.

So, who knows – once our strategic plan is complete and put into action, maybe it too will land a spot on my office wall.