Amanda Labue, Au.D., CCC-A

Principal Lecturer, Associate Chair & Clinical Educator

Research Areas    

    • Undergraduate Honors College Thesis Review Committee – “Neural Coding of Speech With and Without a Hearing Aid” (Student: Kendra Maher)
    • Coordinator of Aural Rehabilitation (AR) Program – Advisor/Coordinator for graduate student let AR class aimed at potential or new hearing aid users within our audiology clinic and community.  This class meets two times per semester and has rotating lectures including the following topics:

                                             1) Induction loops, TV ALDs, remotes
                                             2)Hearing aid components and maintenance
                                             3) Amplified/caption phones, government phone programs
                                             4)Bluetooth Assistive Devices and HA phone apps
                                             5)Government assistance programs
                                             6)Noise Induced Hearing Loss
                                             7)Hearing protection/Musician’s Ear Plugs

  • Third Year Audiology Doctoral Student Research Project Faculty Mentor -“Music and Hearing Conservation” (Student: Lauren Davis)

Clinical Specialties

    1)Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations pediatric through geriatric
    2)Evaluation, fitting, verification, and modification of hearing aids,
        FM systems, and Bluetooth/wireless equipment

    3)Cerumen Management
    4)Tinnitus Evaluations
    5)Aural (Re)habilitation
    6)Texas Workforce Commission hearing evaluations and
        hearing aid services

    7)Hearing Protection/Musician’s Earplug evaluations and fittings.

Special Projects

Audiology Practicum Coordinator – Coordinate on- and off-site audiology clinical rotations for all 1st through 3rd year doctoral students within our program.  Continually seek to secure and maintain exceptional sites to ensure our students are well rounded, prepared, and highly sought after for 4th year externship positions. 

Primary Research Interests: 

Adult and pediatric diagnostics; Adult amplification; Aural rehabilitation; Assistive technology

SPHC 216