Info for Leveling/Out-of-Field Applicants:

Prospective speech-language pathology graduate students who have not completed a bachelor’s degree related to communication science and disorders (out-of-field applicants) must complete required leveling coursework prior to application to the University of North Texas Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (UNT M.S. SLP) program. The coursework for prospective out-of-field applicants includes the following eight mandatory classes:

  • ASLP 2020 (Phonetics)
  • ASLP 3025 (Anatomical Bases of Speech and Hearing)
  • ASLP 3030 (Speech and Hearing Science)
  • ASLP 3035 (Speech and Language Development)
  • ASLP 3040 (Introduction to Audiology)
  • ASLP 4035 (Speech Sound Disorders)
  • ASLP 4040 (Introduction to Language Disorders)
  • ASLP 4045 (Basic Rehabilitative Audiology)
  • ASLP 4050 (Neurological Bases of Speech and Hearing)
  • ASLP 4060 (Clinical Methods in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology II)

Out-of-field applicants to the UNT M.S. SLP program must have either completed these courses or be enrolled in the last of these courses at the time of application to the graduate program. For example, applicants who intend to apply for the Fall 2024 cycle would need to have completed (or be enrolled in the last of) their leveling coursework by time of their application (which would be in Spring 2024).

In addition, the following undergraduate courses in Audiology are required for all students in the UNT M.S. SLP program. We recommend out-of-field applicants to take these two classes while taking the 8 leveling courses above. The two Audiology classes can be taken in the summer before entering the graduate program (e.g., Summer 2024).

  • ASLP 3040 (Introduction to Audiology)
  • ASLP 4045 (Basic Rehabilitative Audiology)

For more information on the UNT M.S. SLP program and its application process, please visit our ASLP MS Degree page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is admission as a leveling student related to admission to the UNT M.S. SLP program?

Admission to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School as a non-degree seeking student (for leveling coursework) is completely separate process from application/admission to the UNT M.S. SLP degree program. Completing this process does not constitute admission to a “leveling program” or to the UNT M.S. SLP degree program.

Does completing leveling coursework result in a certificate or other status?

There is no certificate or any other credential awarded for completing leveling courses. Completion of leveling coursework only allows out-of-field students to apply to the UNT M.S. SLP program.

Completion of leveling coursework does not guarantee admission to the UNT M.S. SLP program. Leveling coursework provides out-of-field applicants with a background in communication sciences that is necessary to be a successful graduate student in speech-language pathology and makes them eligible to apply for the UNT M.S. SLP program. Due to the competitive nature of graduate schools in this field, it is highly recommended that prospective students apply to several graduate programs. Leveling requirements for out-of-field applicants may be different at each school.

Will I be eligible for university financial aid while completing leveling coursework?

Leveling coursework is typically completed as a graduate non-degree-seeking student, which is not a financial aid eligible status. For more details on financial aid at UNT, contact the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships office. 

How much does tuition cost for leveling coursework?

Tuition costs at UNT vary based upon your student status and how many hours of coursework are registered for. You can estimate your tuition costs using the UNT Tuition Calculator. For more detailed information, contact the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships office.

Is there a recommend sequence for leveling coursework?

Leveling students may take leveling courses in any semester in which they are offered and in any order.  Prerequisite requirements do not apply to non-degree-seeking graduate students.

While there is no specific required course sequencing for leveling students, ASLP 2020 (Phonetics) and ASLP 3035 (Speech & Language Development) are foundational courses in communication sciences and students would be wise to take these courses as early in their progression as possible. In addition, leveling students may wish to check the UNT catalog ASLP course descriptions to view the undergraduate prerequisites for other leveling courses so that they may work with their instructors to catch up on any helpful supplemental material.

Keep in mind that undergraduate classes tend to fill up quickly and it is common that you will have to register for classes based on availability. If you are unable to complete all required prerequisites before or during application to the UNT’s graduate program, you may consider taking some of the equivalent courses offered online at other universities (see additional information on this option below).

Can I complete leveling coursework online?

UNT students should not expect that leveling coursework can be completed 100% online. Some leveling coursework is offered in an online format, while other courses are only offered in a a traditional face-to-face format. The specific format of course offerings in any semester are subject to change as needed based on programmatic resources and availability. To see UNT's published schedule of classes, check below this message. They can provide a good indication of what to anticipate from course offerings in upcoming semeters. 

Can I complete leveling coursework at another university?

If you wish to take leveling coursework at another university, a good place to begin your search is via the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association EdFind search tool. Coursework towards leveling from other universities may be accepted by UNT, but it is the responsibility of the potential applicant to verify course equivalence well in advance of taking the coursework. In order to verify course equivalence, please send an email to including the following information:

  1. The UNT leveling course that you are verifying equivalence for
  2. The university and course name of the course you plan to take
  3. The complete catalog description for the other university’s course
  4. The complete course syllabus for the other university’s course

If all of the above information is included, then a UNT faculty member can evaluate the other university’s course for equivalency. Please note that this is a highly individualized process and you should allow at least five business days for a response (or longer if the university is not in session).

Where can I get more information about careers in SLP or about the UNT M.S. SLP program?

For more information about career options in the field of speech-language pathology, please see our Career Opportunities Page. If you have further questions about the graduate student experience in the UNT M.S. SLP program or career planning for SLP graduate students, you may send an email with your questions to to discuss with a current UNT M.S. SLP graduate student. Please note that this is a highly individualized process and you should allow at least five business days for a response (or longer if the university is not in session).

Can I arrange a visit/tour of the program?

Tours of the department and its clinical facilities (led by current UNT M.S. SLP students) are offered during the academic semesters depending on availability and are by appointment only. Prospective students who wish to make an appointment for a tour should send an email to with their contact information, their intended application date, and several dates on which they could be available. You will receive a response as soon as possible with further scheduling information. Please note that requests with more dates/more flexible dates are more likely to be able to be accommodated. Prospective students may also arrange for a UNT campus tour through the UNT Campus Tours Office

What if I have more questions?

Further questions about the UNT M.S. SLP program (or about leveling) should be directed to the UNT Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology Department Office at or 940-565-2481. Please note that there is no in-person advising available for prospective leveling students. If you are a current leveling student who has questions about your coursework, you should contact your faculty course instructor during their office hours or as per the instructions on your course syllabus.

How do I apply for/register for leveling coursework?

Please see the detailed information on application and registration below.

How to Apply/Register for Leveling:

How to Apply

Apply to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School as a non-degree-seeking graduate student via the ApplyTexas website. Prospective leveling students must first be admitted by the UNT Toulouse Graduate School as a non-degree-seeking graduate student. Toulouse Graduate School will admit the prospective students as non-degree-seeking graduate students without a major, provided that they meet minimum requirements determined by the graduate school have been met. For details on the deadlines and requirements for admission to the Toulouse Graduate School, see (details on non-degree seeking applications are in the “other” section on this page).

Please be aware that this application and its resultant status is separate from application to the UNT M.S. SLP program. After completion of leveling coursework, applicants will need to re-apply to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School as a degree-seeking graduate student (as detailed on the program application process found our ASLP MS Degree page.

How to Register

After you have been admitted as a non-degree-seeking graduate student, refer to the course list above and register for available courses. Detailed instructions on UNT’s registration process can be found here

Please consult the UNT Registration Guide for the appropriate academic term for more information on relevant registration dates and deadlines. If you are enrolling in classes for the first time at UNT, you will be eligible for registration only during the regular registration period. If you are a continuing student who has taken classes at UNT in the previous year, you will be eligible for early registration.

You can find semester-specific information on course scheduling for all ASLP undergraduate courses at Keep in mind that undergraduate classes tend to fill up quickly!

For any additional leveling related questions, please click here to send an email. Please allow 5 business days for a reply when classes are in session. Replies may take longer between academic terms. We appreciate your patience.