SLP MS Application Info

IMPORTANT: Deadline for Fall 2023 is January 9, 2023

Fall 2023 Admissions Information

Applying to the UNT M.S. program includes two application components – application to the Toulouse Graduate School and the submission of departmental application components. Applications for Fall 2023 are due January 9, 2023. Refer to the following steps as you prepare to apply to our program at UNT.

Application Part 1 (Toulouse Graduate School application) 

Step 1: Submit your application form (ApplyTexas)

Complete the UNT Graduate Application for Fall 2023 for the Toulouse Graduate School via ApplyTexas. Designate Speech-Language Pathology as your intended major field. 

When your ApplyTexas application is complete and submitted, you will receive communication from the UNT Toulouse Graduate School indicating that your application has been received and providing you with your UNT ID number (not the same as your application number from ApplyTexas), as well as instructions for setting up access to your MyUNT Portal. Please note that this process typically takes 1 to 2 business days after submission of your application. If you submitted your application via ApplyTexas more than 2 business days ago and have not received this information, please contact the Toulouse Graduate School at (940) 565-2383 or for assistance.

Step 2: Submit official transcripts

Please arrange for all official transcripts from all universities attended (both undergraduate and graduate transcripts, including community college transcripts) to be sent directly to:

Toulouse Graduate School
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle # 305459
Denton, TX 76203-5017

Please do not send transcripts directly to the Department. They must be received by the Graduate School for proper processing. More information about submitting transcripts can be found on the Toulouse Graduate School's website here.

Step 3: Submit your Graduate Record Examination (General Test) scores

All applicants are required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) — Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing subtests — and to report all their GRE scores to UNT--Denton (ETS Code 6481). We recommend you begin taking the GRE during the summer before you intend to apply, as this will provide you with ample time to retake the exam if you choose to do so. If you take the GRE multiple times, your highest scores will be considered in your application. We consider any scores above the 50th percentile to be competitive. Percentile ranks and their corresponding numeric scores can be located on the ETS website ( 

  • Applicants who took the GRE within five years of the time of their application do not need to re-take the GRE for application to UNT.  Because ETS maintains score reports up to five years after the time of testing, the applicant should contact ETS to request that score reports be sent to UNT. 
  • Applicants who took the GRE over five years before the time of their application will be unable to request that ETS submit their scores to UNT.  Applicants who took the GRE more than five years ago and who have the original hard copy ETS score reports in their possession may submit these scores for consideration by taking the original hard copy ETS score report, in person, to the Toulouse Graduate School.  Those applicants who took the GRE more than five years ago but who do not have the original hard copy ETS score report in their possession will be required to re-take the GRE and to submit the new GRE scores to Toulouse Graduate School as part of their application.  

Step 4: Submit Clinical Questions Form

A completed Clinical Questions Form is required for all applicants. This form is designed to assess your clinical knowledge through responses to a series of prompts. The three prompts that applicants are required to respond to are:

  • Define clinical problem solving and explain its significance in our field of speech-language pathology.
  • Describe the importance of clinical documentation.
  • What kind of unique contributions will you make to the cohort/the program/the field of speech-language pathology?

Please note that your responses to the Clinical Questions prompt should be both complete and concise. Prompt responses have a 500 word limit per question. Click this link for the document.  Once completed, submissions must be uploaded to your MyUNT Portal by clicking on “To Do’s”, then “Clinical Questions” then “Add attachment” and click save.

When all of the application materials listed above are received, you will receive communication from the UNT Toulouse Graduate School indicating that this portion of your application is complete and that your application has been forwarded to the Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology Department for review. Additional questions about this process should be directed to the Toulouse Graduate School at (940) 565-2383 or

Please note that international applicants may have additional requirements beyond what is listed here. Additional important information for international applicants can be found on the Toulouse Graduate School website here.

Application Part 2 (departmental application components)

Departmental Component: Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required for all applicants. It is preferred that these recommendations be written and sent by individuals who are familiar with your academic background and who can attest to your aptitude for challenging graduate-level academic work, or by speech-language pathologists who have supervised you in a clinical environment. The number of recommendations from individuals outside of academia (e.g. employers, community leaders) should be kept to a minimum, and they may be weighted differently based on their relevance to academic-specific information.

Letters of recommendation should be submitted directly by the recommender, to UNT M.S. SLP Recommendation submission link. Please note that your recommender will need your full name and email address in order to submit the recommendation. Be sure that you provide that information, along with the submission link, to your recommenders.

All departmental application materials must be received on or before the January 9, 2023 application deadline date to be considered.

Incomplete application portfolios are not reviewed by the admissions committee. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all elements of the application have been received by UNT. Applicants should check their application status and Tasks list of required Departmental application components via the MyUNT Portal. The Tasks list will typically be updated within 1 to 3 business days of receiving your materials. More information about submitting transcripts and GRE scores can be found on the Toulouse Graduate School's website here. Additional questions about this process should be directed to the Toulouse Graduate School at (940) 565-2383 or

For any additional admissions and application related questions, please click here to send an email. Please allow 5 business days for a reply when classes are in session. Replies may take longer between academic terms. We appreciate your patience.