Testimonials About the UNT Au.D. Program

Hear what people are saying about our Au.D.program!

“As a graduate of UNT, I felt it was important to supervise upcoming audiologists through the program that “raised me”. I assumed it would be a bit of an inconvenience and strain on my schedule since students work slower and you have to allot time for teaching/explaining/discussing, etc. However, I have come to love the days I have students. UNT students have consistently been excellent clinicians. By the time they get to my rotation, you can already see the transition from college student to professional. They not only know how to test and treat at an expected level, but also how interact with patients personally and as clinicians- things that are incredibly important to master to become successful providers. UNT has really become a great place for future audiologists to learn and practice successfully.”

Dr. Lindsey De Leon, Au.D., FAAA

“For several years, our practice has taken various UNT 2nd & 3rd year student observers for semester stints at a time, and I have been very impressed on the whole with the quality of knowledge, clinical acumen, and eagerness they have each demonstrated. A few of the students in particular have been extremely proactive in assisting with administrative and front office tasks as time allowed or need required, above and beyond their required objectives, which demonstrates that a well-rounded work ethic is either inherent and looked-for during the UNT enrollment process, or has been intentionally cultivated and fostered in UNT’s AuD program. We just onboarded our second 4th Year Extern from UNT’s program, and again I am blown away with the drive to learn, work, and be positively-contributing members of our team while serving here.”

Dr. Elyssa Washburn, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA-Love to Hear Again Audiology

“For the last few years it has been an honor to work with the UNT Audiology Doctoral students. They have re-energized my career. They ALL come in with wonderful “grab the bull by the horn” attitudes and are ready to take on every challenge. They display the skills, knowledge and maturity to work with my patients and my staff. They have all had the wonderful ability to make the patients feel at ease and feel comfortable knowing they are being well taken care of. Each semester seems to bring a more prepared student and they continue to flourish in any situation I have put them in. They have been a huge benefit to the practice. They also reaffirm my faith in both the present and the future of our profession.. I’m sure some will go on to be leaders of our field at the state and national levels and I’m proud to have played a small part in their development.”

 Scott O’Leary, M.S., CCC-A-Family Hearing Practice

“I’ve been a clinical off-site supervisor for UNT students for over 10 years and have enjoyed it! Students from UNT have an exceptional clinical skill to become leaders in the Hearing Healthcare Industry! Listening to the patient, conveying results, and meeting the patient’s needs is what sets UNT students apart from other universities.”

Dr. Amy Zahn, Au.D., CCC-A/F-AAA-North Hills Hearing & Balance Center

“I have had the pleasure of hosting several Audiology doctoral students from UNT now. Every one of them has been so well-prepared and I have learned something from each of them. The quality of their training is evident and they add so much great energy to my practice. AuD grads from UNT will be ready to bring their enthusiasm and passion for the profession to their workplace environments, wherever they land.”

Laurie Bornstein, MS-Executive Hearing LLC