Behavior Analysis Online is excited to announce our fully online Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Behavior Analysis and 5th edition ABAI Verified Course Sequence Program Beginning Fall 2019!
  • No scheduled classes. All coursework may be completed online, on your time. Courses are offered around the clock, seven days per week. Instructor support is just an email away!
  • One-year degree completion for full-time students
  • Students with full-time jobs may proceed at a part-time pace of their choosing
  • Includes 5th edition ABAI Verified Course Sequence (VCS)
  • 5th edition Verified Course Sequence also offered separately (please see degree requirements for those wishing to test before 2022)
  • All courses are offered every semester and students may begin during any semester
  • Most coursework can be completed on tablets or smartphones, providing a mobile classroom​


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Behavior Analysis Online is not responsible for ensuring that our Master of Arts degree or Graduate Academic Certificate in ABA meet state licensure requirements. Each student is responsible for determining the requirements to practice ABA in the state in which they wish to practice.

“Everyone I have come into contact with throughout this program has been extremely helpful.”

“I feel like I am getting a very good education through UNT.”

“I appreciated the instructor feedback and willingness to answer questions or help throughout the course.”

“I am very grateful for all the help, guidance, feedback, and even technical assistance.”

“Thanks for this wonderful learning experience.”

“The feedback I received on my assignments was wonderful.”

“I love the flexibility of this course.”

“The way in which the course is constructed was very beneficial to my learning.”