Clarence Sutton

Career Development Specialist
Clarence Sutton headshot

Clarence is a new Career Coach for the College of Health and Public Service with a primary focus on Criminal Justice, Emergency Administration and Planning, Nonprofit Leadership Studies, Public Administration and Urban Policy and Planning. He has his B.S. in Business Management from Alabama State University and his MPA from Louisiana State University with a focus in Community Partnerships. Clarence has a passion for helping students as he strives to help them translate their skills and experiences into internships and job opportunities. Clarence has worked with various political and policy organizations including Louisiana’s Public Affairs Research Council, The Southern Education Foundation, The Congressional Black Caucus, and various projects throughout Alabama’s 7th Congressional District. He has also worked in various communities within cities such as Montgomery, Al; Memphis, TN; Syracuse, NY; and Washington D.C. Working in these various communities and with these different organizations has allowed Clarence to work with very diverse populations, which has enhanced his love for equity, inclusion, and people in general.

In his inaugural year with the College of Health and Public Service, Clarence looks to establish programs that foster connections between alumni and current students; provide insight regarding the various fields students can enter with their degree; and develop presentations that will inform students about career center resources and the various opportunities we provide. Clarence also looks to connect with faculty in an effort to connect theoretical knowledge with career outcomes.

Current students and recent graduates (graduated one year ago or more recently) can schedule an appointment through Navigate.

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