Daniele Ortu, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Ortu runs the Neurobehavioral Laboratory, equipped with a Brain Vision EEG data collection system with high density 128 electrodes, and also a 15 channels Emotiv wireless system. The Neurobehavioral EEG primary interests are real-time measures of brain activity, specifically Electroencephalography and Event-Related Potentials and how they relate to a Skinnerian perspective. Conceptually, Dr. Ortu is involved in understanding how brain responses can help provide some missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to comprehending complex behavior. Daniele is in the editorial board of the Journal for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Behavior and Social issues, Behavior and Philosophy, and is a Guest Editor for Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.


Selected Publications:

Luc, O. T., & Ortu, D. (2023). Distal and Proximal Sources of Stimulus Control in a Virtual Maze as a Function of Task Difficulty: A Preliminary Study. The Psychological Record, 73(4), 581-585.

Ortu, D., & Bugg, R. M. (2022). Response Systems, Antagonistic Responses, and the Behavioral Repertoire. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 15, 778420.

Ortu, D., & Vaidya, M. (2020). Intraexperimental development of priming and event related potentials effects with abstract geometrical stimuli. Behavioural processes, 172, 104023.

Ortu, D., & Cihon, T. M. (2018). A Neuro-Operant Analysis of Mnemonic Recognition. Perspectives on behavior science, 42(2), 267–281.

Chilton 393C