Elias Mpofu, Ph.D., CRC

Primary Research Interests: 

My research interests coalesce around sustainable community-oriented health services; - their design, implementation and evaluation for health promotive supports across the lifespan, with an increasing emphasis on community living and participation outcomes for health older adults aging with or into disability

Selected Publications:

The following publications were co-authored with doctoral student Renata Komalasari and peer in RHS - associate professor Gayle Prybutok. Dr. Mpofu and Dr. Prybutok feel that it is their obligation to teach doctoral students how to publish as part of their education.

Komalasari, R., Mpofu, E., Prybutok, G., and Ingman, S. (2022). Daily Living Subjective Cognitive Decline Indicators in Older Adults with Depressive Symptoms: A Scoping Review and Categorization Using Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF). Healthcare, 2022, 10, 1508.

Komalasari, R., Mpofu, E., Prybutok, G., and Ingman, S. (2023). Subjective Functional Difficulties and Subjective Cognitive Decline in Older-Age Adults: Moderation by Age Cohorts and Mediation by Mentally Unhealthy Days. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2023, 20, 1606.

Chilton 302A