Students may find times where unexpected life events or circumstances may be disruptive to completing their degree or semester. The Alice Cruden Evenson and Herbena Nygard Fund exists to support the financial wellness and personal wellbeing of our students as they persist toward degree completion. The fund aims to provide financial support when students need assistance with unexpected, unforeseen, and unavoidable emergency expenses that interrupt their ability to complete the semester or their degree.

Currently enrolled students may apply for funds when they have exhausted all other resources. Priority will be given to students whose tenure at UNT may be at risk because of unexpected expenses. If Student Emergency Funds are granted, they do not have to be repaid.

Types of verified emergencies that can be used to apply for the Student Emergency Fund include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Loss of job opportunities,
  • Change in family incomes,
  • Natural disasters,
  • Unexpected medical (including mental health) needs,
  • Unexpected financial stressors,
  • And/or victimization due to a crime.


  • Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student in any degree-granting major in the College of Health and Public Service (or its successor) at the University. Student Emergency Fund awards cannot be distributed after the last day of the semester or session as students must be enrolled.
  • Earned at least 30 undergraduate credit hours or 18 graduate credit hours toward their degree;
  • Have at least a cumulative 2.0 undergraduate or 3.0 graduate grade point average on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent);
  • Students must have not previously received Student Emergency Funds;
  • Students must provide documentation of recent, short-term emergency need. Examples of supporting documentation include: receipts; invoices; other financial notices.

** Expenses not considered eligible emergencies: tuition and fees, study abroad costs, non-essential utilities, parking tickets, non-emergency travel, etc.

Questions? Please email HPSScholarships@unt.edu.


  • The committee will make every effort to review applications within 5 business days of receipt and provide a written response regarding the decision as soon as possible after review has been completed.
  • Once a decision concerning your application has been made, you will receive email notification at your UNT student email from the awarding committee.
  • The Evenson & Nygard Fund is not a scholarship. Non-residents are not eligible for an in-state tuition waiver through this fund.
  • Funds do not have to be paid back unless the student withdraws from UNT during the semester funds are requested.


  • Funds will be disbursed directly to students via the refund method selection chosen through Student Financial Aid. For more information on refund method selection, visit https://sfs.unt.edu/refunds.
  • If a student has a PAST DUE balance, awarded funds will be applied toward that balance first. Any remaining funds will be disbursed to the student.
  • Once you have returned your signed Scholarship Agreement, information about your award will be communicated to Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (SFAS). SFAS will post the award on your student account, and funds will disburse when you are in attendance and meeting the credit hour requirement each term.
  • Information on emergency funds awarded will be sent to Student Financial Aid & Scholarships (SFAS) so that it may be coordinated with your other awards received for the current award period. Once posted to your student account, receipt of this award may cause other scholarships (awarded by UNT or outside agencies) and other resources (federal, state and institutional financial aid) to be adjusted if you exceed the current cost of attendance at UNT or exceed your “need” for assistance as calculated by the FAFSA. If this is the case for your student account, this award may not result in a net refund to you (or a refund to you may be reduced), but instead the substitution of more beneficial aid (ex: the substitution of award/grant funds for loan funds).
  • As always, your myUNT student account is your resource for viewing your student award information, and you can contact the UNT financial aid teams (940-565-2302, financialaid@unt.edu, scholarships@unt.edu) for further information on your specific situation.