HPS Climate Survey

HPS Climate Survey Results

Assessment and Response

One of our most important activities is to assess climate and concerns within our college and, in turn, take initiative in reporting and responding to concerns raised by our own assessments as well as those conducted at the university, regional, and national levels.

For that reason, we are conducting a survey during the Spring 2021 semester. We encourage HPS students, staff, and faculty to respond to this survey so that we can better assess the strengths and needs for development in HPS.

We will post the link here as well as share it via email and social media when it is live.

We also welcome any comments, concerns, or questions you may have. Please click here to send a comment to the committee. You can maintain anonymity if desired.

Our goal is to understand and respond to concerns. If you would like the committee to respond privately to your comment, please include your contact information in the form. If you wish for a public response to your comments, suggestions or concerns, please indicate that and committee responses to the survey will be posted here.

If you experience or witness racism, discrimination, or an unjust act committed by a student and you need to report an incident to the university, please visit report.unt.edu. If you experience or witness racism, discrimination, or an unjust act committed by staff or faculty and you need to report an incident, please visit the Equal Opportunity website

It is the policy of the University of North Texas to maintain a safe and respectful work and educational environment that is free from sex discrimination and allows all individuals to fully participate in the benefits and privileges the University has to offer. Therefore, in accordance with Title IX, the University prohibits sexual harassment at its educational programs and activities. Sexual harassment, retaliation, and other conduct prohibited under this Policy will be subject to disciplinary action.