Faculty, Staff & Student Recognition

HPS faculty and staff have several opportunities for their hard work and achievements to be recognized. As described below, these include HPS-specific awards as well as those offered by the university. For some of these awards, self-nominations are acceptable while others require a colleague to nominate you, so if this is something of interest please let someone know you are interested in being nominated. Each award has a different set of requirements – from personal statements, to CVs, to letters of support from others – so be sure to have all the materials together prior to submitting your packet. The due dates also are unique to each award so be sure to review the information carefully.

HPS Awards

The UNT College of Health & Public Service (HPS) is filled with exceptional faculty and staff, and has some of the most outstanding alumni in the world. We want to honor our HPS Family with our very own HPS Awards. The HPS award winners will be recognized each November at the HPS Scholarship Recognition & Awards Banquet. The deadline for submitting nominations for all HPS awards is January 26, 2024, through the online portals.

University Awards

University awards honor UNT students, faculty, staff, alumni and other stakeholders who deserve recognition for excellence, outstanding service or other accomplishments worthy of acknowledgement throughout the year.

To recognize these achievements, the university holds the following signature award programs:

The university recognizes excellence in the following ways:


We encourage you to nominate someone deserving for these awards so we can all cheer each other on at UNT events, and show everyone else how outstanding our HPS Family is.