HPS Research Seminars

HPS holds a monthly research seminar series during the academic year for faculty to present their groundbreaking research. A full schedule can be found below when the events are posted.

Upcoming Research Events



Public Administration & Management Colloquium Series

Spring 2024

Department of Public Administration University of North Texas


Time: Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Place: Chilton Hall 245 (unless otherwise indicated)



Feb. 9

Developing research workshop series 1 - “How to write an effective theoretical framework”
Dr. Simon Andrew, Chair, UNT Department of Public Administration

Feb. 16

“Understanding How People Perceive Risk During Rare Natural Hazard Threat: The Role of Hazard Information”
Hao Zhang, Ph.D. student; (Advisor - Dr. Simon Andrew) and Dr. Tristan Wu, Associate Professor of Emergency Management and Disaster Science

March 22

“Transportation Planning Conformity of Metropolitan Planning Organizations to Federal Regulations for Air Quality” (scheduled to present at ASPA 2024)
Min Kim, Ph.D studentAdvisor - Dr. Brian Collins

March 29

Mini conference: “Leaving a Legacy: Celebrating Dr. Robert (Bob) Bland’s Scholarship” 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. (RSVP required; Location TBD)

April 5

(ASPA Conference prep)

"Accessibility to Public Assistance Program During the Disaster Response and Recovery: Evidence from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Region"
Hao Zhang, Ph.D. student, and Simon Andrew, department chair and advisor

“Pattern Analysis of Social Vulnerability in DFW to Prevent Forthcoming Disaster”
Hyojun Kim, Ph.D. student; Advisor - Dr. Yu (Kelly) Shi

April 12

2024 Annual UNT MPA Alumni-Student Conference, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m., UNT Gateway Center, 801 North Texas Blvd.

April 19

"Citizen Engagement Strategies in Planning Social Infrastructure: An Evaluation of Practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region" (scheduled to present at Urban Affairs Conference)
Ojonugwa Emmanuel, Ph.D. student; Advisor - Dr. Lauren Fischer

“The Iron Triangle of Public Sector Outsourcing: A Quantitative Investigation of Institutional Isomorphism Among Local Health Departments in the U.S."
Inhwan Lee, Ph.D. student; Advisor - Dr. Simon Andrew

April 26

Developing research workshop series 2 - “How to develop a research question in academic writing”
Dr. Simon Andrew, Chair, UNT Department of Public Administration


The Chester Newland Public Administration Colloquium Series is coordinated by Dr. Hee Soun Jang in consultation with the faculty in the Department of Public Administration. Please email any inquiries to HeeSoun.Jang@unt.edu.