Small Seed Grants Program

The HPS Dean’s Office recognizes that there are expenses that faculty may incur to conduct research which may not fall into the schedule and parameters of the Incentive Program. The purpose of the Small Grants Program is to provide funding for unique research and scholarly projects and to foster meaningful and collaborative scholarship and engagement. These monies are not intended to be funding that would otherwise replace an external grant proposal.

PI eligibility: Ph.D. student or faculty appointment in HPS (tenure line, research line, or clinical faculty).

Budget: Funds are limited to $1,000 per request. Monies cannot be spent on conference travel, faculty or student salary support, page charges or open access fees, or course releases.

Topic areas: 

  • Faculty Scholarship: Funds are available to support efforts related to the publication of a significant work of scholarship. Funds can be used for the purpose of travel to sites for data collection; purchase of data, software, or equipment required for analysis; or other justifiable costs. Faculty requesting Faculty Scholarship Funding must publish (as a book or in a peer-reviewed journal) or submit a related external grant proposal within one (1) year of receiving funding.
  • Emergency: Support is available for research or other scholarly activities that specifically address a need that is urgent and/or time sensitive in nature. This may include support for research on disasters, new legislative initiatives, or societal, cultural, health-related, or environmental events that are time-sensitive in nature. Emergency Funds are not appropriate for needs that could have been anticipated in the normal course of research. Faculty requesting Emergency Funding must publish (as a book or in a peer-reviewed journal) or submit a related external grant proposal within one (1) year of receiving funding.
  • Dissertation: Support is available for Ph.D. students for dissertation-related research costs. Allowed expenses include but are not limited to monies for data collection, dataset purchase, or travel for research purposes. Small Seed Grants are not intended to be used for living expenses. Students may apply prior to their proposal defense and will be told if their project is approved. However, monies will not be distributed until after the proposal is defended, in case the dissertation changes at the proposal defense.

For the categories of Faculty Scholarship and Dissertation, deadline: April 1, 2024. For Emergency, applications are taken on a rolling basis.

Faculty Obligations:

  1. If funded under the Scholarship or Emergency categories, faculty will submit book/manuscript/grant proposal within a year of the seed funding period. Proof of submission will be requested.
  2. Faculty member(s) receiving the Seed funds may be invited to serve on in-house review committees to review future proposals.
  3. Publications resulting from this program should list UNT College of Health and Public Service as a funding source.

To apply for the Small Seed Grant Program, please fill out our Application