Alumni and Giving

The Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services philosophy for service has remained relevant to our graduates and the community for over 50 years! This has been possible through our various programs such as the Center for Rehabilitation Studies or the Collegiate Recovery Program, and our department's ability to provide ongoing education for the community.

Each student that has matriculated has left a legacy of service and empowerment to the individuals they work with; whether that be in large hospital systems or through one-on-one clinical care. Our alumni continue to weave the fabric of our story. Our community partners and friends help us to remain steadfast in our mission and goals.

Giving to RHS not only supports our nationally ranked and long-standing educational programs, but it allows you an opportunity to join a department and faculty that celebrates inclusion, equity, and sustainability. We attract bright and passionate students who work daily with the innovative education we offer, to make a real difference in individual lives, and to support continuing community health. Supporting our students helps them to live their life’s purpose and continue the RHS legacy of exceptional education, service, and research. Join us as we continue to forge our legacy!

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