Ticcara N. Cassell

SWTCIE Senior Program Project Coordinator

Ticcara has a Master of Arts degree from Texas Woman’s University and holds an Early Childhood-Twelfth Grade (EC-12) Special Education Certification and an English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) certification. Presently, she is the Senior Program Project Coordinator for the Sub-minimum Wage to Competitive Integrated Employment (SWTCIE) within the University of North Texas Workplace Inclusion & Sustainable Employment department (UNT WISE). Before joining UNT WISE, Ticcara was an Academic and Vocational Educator for Denton Independent School District in Denton County. In the role as lead teacher, her duties ranged from scheduling meetings to discussing teaching pedagogies and implementation of evidence-based practices. She has also served on the Campus Leadership Team as the Special Education representative for the Diversity and Equity committee. Ticcara was responsible for training secondary teachers in the Denton Independent School District on how to use the web-based curriculum for students in centralized placement. She served as a panelist at Denton Independent School District’s TIACON conferences.

Ticcara has 14 years teaching experience of implementing tailored academic/vocational programming for neurodivergent and under-represented populations. In general, she will be utilizing her unique perspective on education within the UNT-WISE department; by creating innovative and collaborative ways for instructional and vocational programming to encompass an inclusive environment for integrated employment.

Ticcara is excited at the possibilities of being a catalyst for positive change in the arena of vocational rehabilitation.

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