Are you fascinated by how people learn?

Does a career helping people improve their quality of life interest you? Then pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Behavior Analysis may be for you.

People with degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis are competitive for positions in a variety of fields. These jobs generally involve working directly with client populations or helping more experienced behavior analysts with projects and research. You can be credentialed as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, which qualifies you to work in many different settings.



Scholarships & more

The Department of Behavior Analysis in UNT’s College of Health and Public Service offers scholarships to students each year, including the Grace of a Miracle Scholarship.

Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis is a natural science that studies the effects of the environment on the behavior of individuals. Its principles are universal. They can be applied with any population, including children with autism, people with developmental disabilities, parents and children, pet owners, college students, healthcare providers, athletes, employees, and CEOs.
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