Welcome to HPS IT Services

HPS Information Technology Services (HPS IT) supports the academic, research, and service efforts of students, faculty, and staff of the College of Health and Public Service (HPS). 

The Chilton Hall 255 Student Computer Labs and the HPS technology classrooms offer an academic environment conducive to collaborative learning. We are committed to ensuring that students remain central to our work.

HPS IT also provides hardware and software consultation, servers, and desktop and laptop technical support for HPS administrators, faculty, and staff. We strive to support our educators in their work of providing the best educational experiences in Texas.

HPS IT Student Computer Lab

HPS IT Services is located in Chilton Hall on the corner of Avenue C and Chestnut Street, on the University of North Texas Campus.

HPS IT Services also operates a Student Computer Lab located in room 255 of Chilton Hall, as well as Chilton Hall classrooms equipped with computers, rooms 270 and 274. We also offer iMac kiosks for student use on the second floor of Chilton Hall

 Chilton Hall 255

Physical/Shipping Address
UNT College of Health and Public Service
Chilton Hall, 255
410 S. Avenue C
Denton, TX 76201

Mailing Address
UNT College of Health and Public Service
1155 Union Circle #311340
Denton, TX 76203