Help people achieve their life goals.

UNT’s Rehabilitation Studies Minor is open to all undergraduate majors and prepares you to support individuals with disabilities in achieving their life goals through actualizing each individual’s full human potential. Due to the broad focus of this program, you may pursue careers within a variety of public and private human service settings.


UNT also offers a Bachelor’s Degree and a Certificate in Rehabilitation Studies

Rehabilitation Studies Minor - Requirements

Students interested in receiving a minor in rehabilitation studies require 18 total hours of rehabilitation courses: nine required and nine electives.

Rehabilitation Studies Required Courses (Three Courses; Nine Hours)

  • RHAB 3100 - Disability and Society
  • RHAB 4200 - Physical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability I
  • RHAB 4700 - Employment Services

Rehabilitation Studies Electives (Three Courses; Nine hours)

(Nine hours of classes from the list below must be taken in addition to the required courses)

  • RHAB 3000 - Microcounseling
  • RHAB 3900 - Case Management in Rehabilitation
  • RHAB 4100 - Rehabilitation Service Delivery
  • RHAB 4300 - Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • RHAB 4800 - Topics in Rehabilitation Studies
  • RHAB 4880 - Practicum

Rehabilitation and Health Services

The RHS mission is to prepare professionals to enhance the lives of diverse populations including the aging population, individuals with disabilities, substance use disorders and/or chronic health concerns through training in advanced research, education and service delivery, or clinical practice.

Our department is comprised of community engaged academics providing an education that reaches beyond the classroom.
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