Getting Started With Your BSW Application

Students must make application and be formally admitted into the Social Work program at UNT. This typically occurs late in the student's sophomore year or early in their junior year. Applications into the program are reviewed each spring and fall semesters for admission to the following term. Please note that the UNT Social Work program may receive more qualified applicants than it can accept.  Therefore, admission may be competitive and because of faculty-to-student ratio requirements associated with accreditation guidelines, the number of students who may be admitted into the program each semester varies. Application deadlines for the upcoming academic year are as follows:

Application Deadline Admission Notification Program Entry
Fall 2024 - Due March 1, 2024 at NOON Approximately 30 Days Later Fall 2024
Spring 2025 - TBD Approximately 30 Days Later Spring 2025

Admission Requirements
In order to be considered for admission, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have successfully completed (C or higher) or will complete the following Social Work prerequisite courses at UNT, or the equivalents at another university or community college (by the semester of application):
  2. Have an overall GPA of 2.25 or higher​
  3. Submit all required documents for application consideration within required deadlines

Admissions Process
Current UNT students must complete the steps in the admissions process as follows:

  1. Complete this Qualtrics Survey by Feb. 2, 2024 to request a Degree Audit and Semester-by-Semester Plan from the HPS Advising Office located in the College of Health & Public Services (Chilton Hall, Suite # 112). It will take three business days to process the Degree Audit. 
  2. After reviewing your Degree Audit, HPS Advising will develop and email you an individualized Semester-by-Semester Plan (they will also indicate if it is not the appropriate time for the student to proceed with the application). This plan will indicate how many core courses, minor, or elective courses you have left to take. Students typically need less than 21 hours of coursework outside the social work major at the time of application (consideration is based on plans to successfully complete core). 
  3. Students must then attend a brief Social Work Faculty Mentoring Meeting before submitting their application.  Contact information for your assigned Social Work Faculty Mentor will be emailed with the Semester-by-Semester Plan if you are deemed ready to apply to the program by HPS Advising.  Students should set their appointment for consultation regarding social work program requirements immediately after receiving and reviewing their Semester-by-Semester plan. Students must meet with their assigned mentor for a Social Work Faculty Mentoring Meeting in order for their application to be considered. 
  4. During the scheduled Faculty Mentoring Meeting, the student and the Faculty Mentor will review their Semester-by-Semester Plan, criteria for admission (GPA, professional and ethical behaviors, etc) and general program/professional expectations. 
  5. (Transfer students will need to contact the Advising Office or Social Work Department for instructions)
Application to Social Work Program

Click here for directions on how to apply.

Click this link for the application:  BSW APPLICATION 

Please note that an application will not be reviewed until all of the following materials have been completed and emailed to (by the deadline):

  1. BSW Application (single page)
  2. Semester-by-Semester Plan
  3. Personal Statement (recommend minimum of 4 double spaced pages). Address all components to the following questions:
    • Please explain your desire to enter the social work field. Why do you want to become a social worker? 
    • What personal qualities equip you for the social work profession? Discuss your experiences and feelings about working with populations different from your own. 
    • What personal challenges might you face as a future social worker? How will you address those challenges? 
    • What significant relationships and life experiences (personal and/or professional) have you had in giving or receiving help that have motivated you to enter the field of social work? 
    • What social problem most concerns you? What have you done in the past to support this interest and/or how do you plan to use your social work education to address this issue? 

Students must submit their application electronically in PDF format by the deadline with all required attachments. These should be submitted to Incomplete or late applications will not be considered or reviewed. Please note the deadline for Fall 2024 Admission is: March 1, 2024 by NOON.

Admissions Notification
Applicants will be formally notified regarding decisions of their applications to the UNT Social Work program via students’ official UNT email account or for transfer students, the student’s mailing address.