FY21 HPS Grants

Below is a list of FY21 grants awarded to HPS Faculty.

Dr. Simon Andrew
Altruism and Collective Action Dilemmas
Seoul National University of Science & Technology
$4,200 across 1 year

Dr. Cassidy Baker
IV-E University Training Program
Texas Dept of Family & Protective Services
$384,026 across 1 year

Dr. Scott Belshaw
Door Camera Demonstrator Project
Guardian Payment Solutions Corp.
$2,143 across 1 year

Dr. Samantha Bergmann
Stimulus Prompts in Tablet-based Instruction: An Assessment with Children with Autism
Organization for Autism Research
$1,954 across 1 year

Dr. Brian Collins
Community Needs and Services Delivery Assessment (COVID 19 and Low Income Assistance)
City of Allen
$26,050 across 1 year

Dr. Joe Dracobly
Behavior Analysis Resource Center: Assessment and Analysis in a Clinical Setting for Staff of Denton State Supported Living Center
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
$278,070 across 1 year

Efficient Functional Assessment Process
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
$95,525 across 1 year

Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Behavior Analysis Resource Center: Positive Behavior Management and Support Workshop
$45,367 across 1 year

Dr. Lauren Fischer
Evaluating Tools for Integrating Land Use and Water Management RFP: Typologies of Integration
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
$9,025 across 1 year

Ms. Lucy Gafford
College WISE Summer
Texas Workforce Commission 
$125,000 across 2 years

Texas Workforce Commission 
$450,000 across 2 years

Embedded Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) in Texas Public High Schools
Texas Workforce Commission
$78,360 across 1 year

Explore STEM!
Texas Workforce Commission and the US Department of Education
$126,748 across 1 year

TWC Live & Learn Summer Program
Texas Workforce Commission 
$750,000 across 2 years

Dr. Julia Heck
Childhood Cancer and Industrial Pollution (CHIP)
$149,897 across 2 years

Metabolomic profiling of retinoblastoma
$148,500 across 2 years

Birth Outcomes among Alpha-1 Families
Alpha-1 Foundation
$75,000 across 1 year

Dr. Hee Soun Jang
Understanding COVID-19's impact on the Continuum of Care networks' provision of equitable access to needed services for the homeless
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
$200,000 across 2 years

Dr. Boji Lam
Bilingual disadvantages in verbal fluency: New Insights from abstract word retrieval and conceptual scoring
Texas Speech Language Hearing Foundation
$1,500 across 1 year

Dr. Theresa Kouri
Evaluating the Relative Efficacy of a Multisensory versus Traditionally Structured Language-Literacy Instructional Curriculum in a Preschool Setting with Children with Developmental Language and Preliteracy Delays
The Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood
$71,601 across 1 year

Dr. Rachita Sharma
A Study of Training and Service gaps in Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) in Texas
University of Texas at Austin
$36,400 across 1 year

Dr. Yu Shi
Fiscal Self-sufficiency, Debt Limits, and Fiscal Sustainability in China's Emerging Municipal Bond Market
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
$35,000 across 2 years

Dr. Brenda Sweeten
Program support of year-round PUSH case management support for Foster Care Alumni at UNT
UNT Foundation&
$50,000 across 2 years

Dr. Tristan Wu
Understanding Evacuation, Sheltering, and Reentry Decisions During the Dual Threat of Hurricane and the COVID19 Pandemic
National Science Foundation
$90,515 across 1 year

Dr. Elyse Zavar
NASEM Early Career Fellowship
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
$76,000 across 2 years

Dr. Haley Zettler
Denton County Drug Treatment Court Enhancement Evaluation
Denton County and US Department of Justice
$36,859 across 3 years