University of North Texas Master of Social Work degree program


Over the past five years we have experienced tremendous growth and interest in the JMSW program and are excited to share some recent developments. To meet the needs of prospective students and the community, we are expanding through the development of two independent MSW programs. UNT and TWU have decided to seek independent MSW program accreditation, building upon the foundational strengths of the JMSW. The current joint MSW program will conclude May 31, 2024. TWU and UNT will each offer independent MSW programs.

Applications to the UNT MSW program will open Fall 2023. Enrollment will commence Fall 2024.

Graduates will be prepared to become effective, advanced social workers with a focus on ethical practices and leadership training across a variety of social work settings. Social workers empower communities, individuals and groups to create positive changes. Program graduates will be trained and qualified to work in many roles, including clinicians, administrators, case managers, supervisors, fundraisers and program managers.


Program Mission & Goals

UNT MSW Program Mission

To prepare effective advanced generalist social workers for ethical practice and leadership across settings and to promote human and community well-being in rapidly changing environments. The program is dedicated to preparing graduates to apply evidence-informed knowledge, skills and values as they address complex issues and problems, while promoting social and economic justice with those who are vulnerable and oppressed. With a global perspective of our interdependent world, graduates will practice and promote respect for human diversity and the advancement of human rights to benefit the quality of life for individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities.

Program Goals

To prepare professional social workers who competently practice with a solid ethical base founded upon the values and principles of the profession. To prepare professional social workers to apply advanced knowledge and skills in complex practice environments. To prepare professional social workers to effectively incorporate a global perspective and dimensions of diversity in practice To prepare professional social workers to act as agents of positive social change by understanding and analyzing injustice and implementing social and economic justice strategies.


Scholarships & more

The Department of Social Work in UNT’s College of Health and Public Service offers scholarships to students each year, including:

  • Fannie Belle Gaupp Scholarship
  • Social Work/Title IV-E Child Welfare Scholarship

Social Work

Social workers make the world a better place by helping people overcome the challenges associated with abuse, poverty, homelessness, addiction, disability, illness, and discrimination. They practice in a variety of areas including healthcare, hospice, substance abuse treatment, child welfare, aging, criminal justice and others.

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