Paige Tamboury, M.Ed.

Academic Advisor

Paige Tamboury, California native, attended her local community college (Santa Rosa Junior College) and received three AA degrees in Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science, and Sociology. She attended Southern Oregon University for her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Psychology, then attended University of Houston for her graduate degree in Higher Education and just recently graduated in 2023. She says she misses the sound of the Pacific Ocean and hiking in the Redwood Forrest.

Other Information: 

Paige says she loves to travel. She also taught herself to knit and soon will be teaching herself to crochet. Friends have her hooked on diamond art and cross stitching (embroidery) and cooking fun new meals that fit her dietary restrictions.

Fun facts: Paige's last name - Tamboury - was created by her grandfather when he arrived here in the states from France. She and her brother are the only left-handed people in her family in many generations. Living in Houston is the farthest East she has ever been in the US. Dr. Pepper is her favorite and has no substitutes like other soda's do.

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