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In the College of Health and Public Service, Graduate Students have access to both a discipline-specific Faculty Advisor and a Graduate Academic Advisor. Faculty Advisors provide career and research mentorship, while Graduate Advising focuses on degree planning, graduate milestone progress and navigating university policies and procedures.

Graduate students are encouraged to schedule regular appointments with their advisor for questions concerning, but not limited to:

  • Degree Requirements
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Probation & Suspension
  • Graduation
  • Other General Advising Questions & Concerns

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Graduate Advising Contacts

Program Advising Contact Advising Email

Applied Behavior Analysis, MA

Micah Hope

Audiology, AuD

Dr. Erin Schafer

Behavior Analysis, MS

Dr. Karen Toussaint

Criminal Justice, MS 

Dr. Brooke Nodeland 

Criminal Justice, MS - ONLINE

Dr. Brooke Nodeland 

Emergency Management & Disaster Science, MS

Dr. Gary Webb

Health Sciences, PhD

Azzama Alia

Health Services Administration, MS

Azzama Alia

Public Administration, MPA

Dr. Bob Bland

Public Administration & Management, PhD

Dr. Hee Soun Jang

Rehabilitation Counseling, MS

Azzama Alia

Social Work, MSW

Dr. Cassidy Baker

Speech-Language Pathology, MS

Dr. Kat Aoyama


Resources for Graduate Students

Apply for graduation
We recommend meeting with your advisor the semester before you wish to graduate in order to confirm graduation requirements.

Graduation applications are done through the MyUNT portal. Graduation deadlines are often early in the term, so make sure you apply at the beginning of the semester you want to graduate. 

HPS Graduate Advising

We’ll guide you from start to finish, helping you explore careers, select courses, meet university requirements, prepare for graduation and more to ensure you have a meaningful graduate experience at UNT.
 Chilton Hall, Suite 289D
  410 S. Avenue C
  Denton, TX 76201

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Chilton Hall, Suite 289D
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