PI Resources


To see the status of your grant budget, see Cognos.

If you do not yet have access to Cognos, or if your access expires and you need access again, please email Budget.Office@unt.edu.

Need help staying on top of your budget? Budget Training – COGNOS

  • Point of Contact - The Budget Manager in UNT’s University Budget Office.
  • Consider registering for the budget basic training series.

Managing Staff

Need help with performance reviews for your staff? HR- Performance Management

Need help with general aspects of being a manager? Foundational Leadership Academy

  • This is great program run by UNT System to address all topics for being a manager. It is very time intensive and they run a selection process for who can participate each year.

LinkedIn Learning

Annual Reports to Funding Agencies

UNT’s Grants and Contracts Administration Office will help you with your annual report to your sponsor. The Grants and Contracts Analyst can help review your progress reporting requirements. The Senior Grants and Contracts Accounting Analyst can help you with the financial reporting.

Research Space

Need space to conduct interviews with human subjects? The VPRI office is renovating a shared research space, tentatively called the Behavioral Research Center, located in BLB150. It includes an interview room which has a one-way window for observation, desks, computers, and audiovisual equipment. At present, a cross-college committee is deciding what other resources the space will include. Although renovation is ongoing, it is possible to use the space now for interviews.

  • Point of contact: HPS Research Associate Dean.

Paying your Participants

For detailed information on UNT’s rules and options for participant compensation, see the Research Office’s page.

Vendor Contact Information Related to Data Collection

UNT Printing and Distribution Services will mail a physical survey for you. Contact a Customer Service Representative for more information.

See the UNT College of Health & Public Service Teams Research folder for more vendor information.

Writing Resources

UNT Libraries have a subject librarian for HPS, who can provide research help for faculty and students and can order library materials to support research or teaching.

UNT Libraries have a Scholarly Writing Guide that includes a number of resources for developing your academic writing.

There is a Faculty Writing Group that offers regular writing retreats and occasional discussions, workshops, or presentations.

Publishing Resources

The Libraries’ Scholarly Impact Guide includes a section on considerations for publication, as well as other information on determining the reach and impact of your work. The Scholarly Communication Librarian can consult with you on any of the information found on that guide, and can also answer your questions about journal submission processes, publication contracts, or other aspects of the publication process.

Open Access Publishing

Do you want to publish an article open access? Journals allow you to publish (“self-archive”) the final accepted version of a paper, typically after an embargo period, in an open access repository. UNT Scholarly Works is one open access repository you can use, and it is accessible from all major search engines.

For a list of other open access sites, or for general information on open access publishing, reach out to UNT librarians.

UNT Libraries’ agreements on Open Access charges: Neither the college, the university, nor the UNT Libraries have funding to pay for open access charges, but UNT has agreements with some publishers to get a small discount (usually 5-10%) on open access charges. Please see Publishers Offering Discounts to UNT Authors.