HPS Locker Availability

HPS Locker Availability for Graduate Students assigned to Chilton Hall 114-116-118

Lockers are available on first-come first-served basis by reservation only.

One locker per student. Students must use their own locks.

Lockers may not be shared. The student assigned to a locker is responsible for its contents.

Store items in lockers at your own risk. HPS IT Services is not responsible for items stored in lockers.

Students may not affix anything to the interior or exterior of their lockers.

Turn off electronic devices to avoid disturbing other students working in this area.

These items are not allowed in the lockers:

  • Food or drink not in sealed containers.
  • Items with a noticeable aroma.
  • Illegal or dangerous items or substances.

HPS IT Services reserves the right to re-assign lockers to accommodate ADA requests.

Lockers must be emptied and locks removed by 5 pm on the Monday following the current semester final exams.

Contact us if you have questions or concerns about a locker.

HPS IT Services