UNT Endowed Professor Bob Bland heading to China as top-level foreign expert

Dr. Bland will spend the summer teaching and mentoring faculty and students at Renmin University in Beijing.

DENTON (UNT), Texas – Dr. Bob Bland, Endowed Professor of Local Government and interim chair of the University of North Texas College of Health and Public Service (HPS) Department of Criminal Justice has been selected to teach at Renmin University of China as part of their Recruitment Program of Top-Level Foreign Experts. The program is initiated as part of their State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Dr. Bland will teach and work with faculty and students in the School of Public Administration and Policy from May 28 to July 2.

“I was very fortunate to be selected and look forward to teaching a course at Renmin for their MPA and Ph.D. students,” Dr. Bland said of the honor.

Dr. Bland will teach a course titled “Public Finance Policy and Management in the U.S. to graduate students, deliver academic lectures to students and faculty and work with faculty on a project while in China.

“I hope to complete a study of China’s municipal bond market that I’m working on with Dr. Kelly Shi from UNT and will be delivering two or three guest lectures to the scholarly community at Renmin,” Dr. Bland said. “I hope to convey that UNT is a quality university with which Renmin would benefit from a permanent partnership in a variety of disciplines.”